Affordable residences in the South

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Living in tropical paradise, how much does it cost?

Return-Flight to Indonesia (check Turkish Air and Lion Air)   approx. 900,- Euro
Residence permit (valid for 1 year)   1.600,- Euro
Health Insurance   approx. 17,- Euro monthly
Living costs   approx. 300,- Euro monthly
Rent a car   25,- Euro per day
Motorbike / Scooter   approx. 1.200,- Euro

It is recommended to use a local health insurance (from 200,- Euro / year), which is significantly cheaper than an International Health Insurance. People older than 49 years must get their health checked before being able to be accepted.

On should calculate approx. 2.000,- Euro to establish oneself here (furniture if required, washing machine etc.) but of course much depending on individual needs.

Please take note of the fact, that sending stuff from abroad can become expensive as the customs charges a heavy 32,5% CIF import tax, even on used items, and calculates the value itself with the help of their own lists and own consideration. Therefore just take the most important things and buy the rest (quite cheap) over here.


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