Affordable residences in the South

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Close to beach and one of Indonesia's biggest nature parks,
three houses and a 2,6 ha beautiful beach plot,
for sale or rent on long-term.

We are are living on the island of Sulawesi, on North-Sulawesi to be exact, where the famous dive destinations of Bunaken und Lembeh are situated. But from there we are 300 km towards the south-west. We have bought a valley of around 30 ha at the border of the Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park and are staying here already for about 10 years. The place is in 20 min. walking distance from the beach one can see in the picture below. Three houses in the valley are for sale because we relocate abroad for personal reasons.

The location fits people who enjoy nature; who perceive temperatures between 25°C at night and 33°C at daytime as pleasant; who enjoy swimming in the sea, diving or fishing; who like to work in the garden (and here one can plant all year long and just has to stick something into the ground and it starts growing); who enjoy reading and who like eating rice and fresh fish (of which there is plenty). The river in the valley comes from the forest and is so clean that one can drink the water directly from it. Pure nature!

Officially the plots are 2000m2 big, the maximum which a foreigner can rent legally in Indonesia on longterm (up to 80 years), but in fact they are bigger than that. In addition one shares the whole 30 ha only with a few other house owners and may perceive it as one's private garden and nature reserve.

Indonesians can buy the houses or plots, the price is the same. Foreigners can do so if they open a company. Of course we will reduce price if several properties are bought. We also can assist with residence permits, especially for people aged 55 years or older.

Houses and properties for sale (or rent on longterm):

1) House of approx. 200 m2

directly at the river with 2000 m2 tropical garden close to beach and national park: only 75 .000,- Euro

4 rooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, 2 living rooms, 3 terraces, storage

with fish pool, storage hut, hut for drying clothes and horse stable

2) House approx. 140 m2

view on fish pools and river with 2000 m2 tropical garden close to beach and national park: only 54 .000,- Euro

3 rooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room, terrace

with fish pool and big outside storage

3) Bungalow approx. 60 m2

directly at the river with 2000 m2 tropical garden close to beach and national park: only 43 .000,- Euro

Big living room with integrated kitchen and upper room

with fish pool and scenic bridge over the river

4) Beach Plot 26,000 m2

Beautiful beach property with more than 100 coconut palm trees situated between two rivers: only 49.000,- Euro.

approx. 370m of ocean front suitable for resort or residence, with land for access road

5) Riding paddock and facility for horseback-archery

with 24 m2 multi-purpose room, cow stable and additional land with coconut palm trees (altogether approx. 12,000 m2): only 25,000 Euro.

There are other land plots available, which we will show interested parties during a visit, including a hill with panoramic view on sea and jungle.


1) House of approx. 200 m2


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