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What visa do I need and how long is it valid?
As a European one gets usually on entry a tourist visa for 30 days, which one can extend again by 30 days at the local immigration authorities.

What do I need for the residence permit?
- the filled out application
- a copy of your passport
- Proof that you have at least 3,500, - Euro in a bank account
- the signed lease agreement
- the fees of 1.600, - Euro
- a copy of your current health and life insurance (if available)

How long does it take to process and how is the process in general?
The processing takes about 2-3 weeks after we have sent the documents and fees to our visa agency. You will be notified when you can pick up the telex visa from the Indonesian embassy that you have previously specified. So you can, for example, do not say "send it to Singapore" and then you want to pick it up in London. Within three days (weekdays) you will receive the Telex visa, with which you can return to Indonesia. With this visa we have to go to the local immigration authorities where the residence permit is processed, which takes another couple of days. When the telex visa is issued, you have two months to pick it up at the appropriate embassy.

Do I have to leave at the end of the residence permit after one year?
No, the residence permit can be extended here.

Where is the place exactly?
The valley is located 17 km west of Molibagu, between the villages of Biniha Timur and Tangagah. Just look for "Bogani-Homestay" and you will find it directly on google-maps. The beach is one kilometer south of the Homestay.

How far is the nearest doctor / hospital?
The nearest doctor is 5 km away, the nearest hospital 17 km. More serious things should be treated at the hospital in Manado. The nearest dentist is 12 km away (more for semi-annual inspections and to remove plaque). A highly recommended dentist of international standards exists in Gorontalo.

How is the climate?
For the tropics, it is a very pleasant climate, especially in the valley, where a breeze blows most of the time. The beach is a bit warmer, but certainly cooler than e.g. in Spain in summer, and even cooler than on many summer days in Germany. Since there is not much difference between day and night temperature, the body gets used to the slightly higher temperatures quite easily. But of course that depends on the person. If you prefer to spend your holidays in Norway or in the mountains rather than at the Mediterranean, the climate is probably not the right thing for you. We advise against air conditioning, because many people do not tolerate it well and the apartment gets a dull smell due to less ventilation.

When is rainy season?
From May to August, so in the European summer. A good time to go on holiday in Europe!

Is there a lot of malaria or other diseases?
No, thank god not! As long as we are here, we have never heard of a malaria case or dengue. We advise against taking prophylaxis as it is very liver damaging.

Are there dangerous animals?
There are no dangerous spiders, scorpions or poisonous snakes besides the green viper, which is very rare. There are few small poisonous snakes, but they are not lethally poisonous and not aggressive at all. You have to step on them or touch them in order that they bite you. The same applies to the centipedes, which are also not lethally toxic. The Python are dangerous when they are over 4-5 meter long. But such big ones are very uncommon. In the last 80 years or so, just two people have been attacked by Python withinthe region, and one has not survived.

Are there other dangers such as earthquakes, tsunami, pirates or armed conflicts?
Indonesia is one of the regions in the world with the most earthquakes and the house shakes slightly almost every month, so one is hardly paying attention to anymore. As one can see in the pictures, we generally build the houses in such a way that the upper floor is made of wood and the roof of sheet metal so that nothing heavy should fall on one's head. We are loacted in the Gulf of Tomini, not at the open ocean. That's why a tsunami can only reach the beach when the quake takes place in the Gulf itself, which is unlikely. There are no pirates. There could be armed conflicts on a limited local level (between Muslims and Christians), but a little further away from us. This may all sound rather dangerous, but the fact is that our area is one of the safest worldwide, especially in terms of crime. It is certainly safer from burglary, robbery or even manslaughter than even in Germany, not to mention countries in Africa or South America, and even countries like Thailand or Malaysia. The most dangerous in Indonesia is the traffic! But in our region we do not have much of it.

What should I bring?

  • A bank card either with Maestro, Cirrus, Plus, Master Card or Visa symbol on it.
  • Flashlight
  • Good raincoat, preferably not too thick.
  • Jacket
  • Sports or trekking shoes (shoes from size 44 are either difficult to impossible to find)
  • flip-flops
  • sandals that can get wet
  • sunscreen

What's with electricity, gas and water?
In the valley we use a generator for the washing machine and otherwise solar powered lamps. We get the water from the river and are drinking it directly from the tap for years. But if one has reservations, one can order refillable 20 liter plastic bottles with drinking water in the village. Photo to the right: Damm in the forest, from which we get our tap water in the valley. For cooking we use gas cookers, which are heated with easy to transport 3kg gas cylinders. A bottle costs 1.50 euros and lasts about a week.

Is there internet connection?
Smartphones with Android work both in the valley, as well as much better on the beach. Also a laptop can be by buying a modem (about 20 euros) and a local SIM card. For normal browsing and emails 2.50 euros a month is sufficient. But if one downloads a lot, for example, facebook and youtube, it is accordingly more expensive.

Can I sublet my house?
With your residence permit you may not engage in business. Therefore, subletting is only possible in private to relatives and acquaintances.


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